Golf Nine At Nine by Marge McArtor
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Golf Nine At Nine by Marge McArtor
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Please help me raise funds for lung cancer awareness and research. As a never smoker, my family and I were surprised when I was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. What I have learned from this is all you need are lungs to get lung cancer. Despite causing more cancer deaths for men and women and causing more deaths per year than breast, colon, and prostate cancers combined, lung cancer receives far less research funding than any other cancer. I have a gene mutation that occurs in 1-3% of people. I appreciate the reserachers who chose this mutation to study and help those like me to be able to live a quality life due to their hard work to find a cure.

ABOUT Fundraising Events For Lung Cancer Research

Whether it's bowling, yoga, biking or baking, you can find many ways to host an event that helps fund impactful lung cancer research. It takes just a few minutes to set up a fundraising page, and our tips can help you raise more money and reach more people.

Lung cancer kills 433 Americans every day.
That’s the same number of seats on a 747.

Lung cancer kills almost 2x as many women as breast cancer.

The facts around lung cancer speak volumes. Lung cancer poses a threat to anyone with lungs. New research, diagnosis, and treatment breakthroughs in the last 10 years have brought new hope to patients and their families. But we still have far to go—your fundraising donations will help LCFA fund more young researcher grants and scholarships while raising awareness of the vital need for more research funding for lung cancer detection, diagnosis, and treatment.

Proceeds from these fundraising events will be used to support LCFA’s mission

LCFA's mission is the imporvement in survivorship of lung cancer patients through the funding of transformative science. While raising funds to support lung cancer research, LCFA will raise the public’s awareness and serve as a resource for patients or anyone seeking answers, hope, and access to updated treatment information, scientific investigation, and clinical trials. 

Lung Cancer Foundation of America is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

Need help getting started? Check out how to create a page or see our FAQs.

Name Date Amount Comments
Tina Hershberger 08/06/2023 $100.00 Marge, Continued prayers to you and your family. Clayton & Tina
Haley Resewehr 08/05/2023 $206.47  
Gail Bream 08/01/2023 $51.85  
Suzanne Yoder 08/01/2023 $37.42 In Hebrew words have a numerical value. The word for life, pronounced ‘chai’ has a value of 18. My donation is for your life before your diagnosis, and for the extra special life you are LIVING now.
Gail Stewart 08/01/2023 $103.39 So very grateful we still have Marge, my cousin in our family. She means the world to me so hopefully this small token can benefit further research to allow her and others time with family and checking off the bucket list.
Karen Gilson 08/01/2023 $103.39 Cheers to you Marge in continuing your fight! Proud to support the reasearch for the disease that stole my Mom and her sister from me.
Tim Johansen 08/01/2023 $103.39 Keep up the fight
Sheryl L Puls 07/10/2023 $51.85 Marge has worked so hard and remained positive through her cancer. Appreciate research that can help my valued friend.
Jennifer Robertson 07/10/2023 $103.39 So sorry we are unable to make it to the golf outing.
Anonymous Friend 07/09/2023 $26.08 church donation
  Total $887.23  
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